Developments in how we manage trail cameras.

With our Healthy Reds project came some more funding to increase the numbers of trail cameras the project owns. We now own around 80 cameras, some of which are in long term placement monitoring areas of red activity by our wonderful volunteers. This allows us to keep an eye on our elusive red squirrels, while also having a good stock to conduct surveys in areas where red activity is less well understood.

In addition to these new cameras, we have a new system to help us keep track of them. With the help of one of our volunteers, we have a barcode system for the cameras. This gives each camera a unique “name” and accompanying barcode. We’re asking all volunteers who are using our cameras to get in touch and we can send out a barcode sticker to apply to the camera. Those using the cameras then have a choice of using an app which, upon scanning the barcode will auto

The in-app view of scanning a barcode in the field.

matically log the date and location, or manually noting the GPS location and the camera name.

All our new cameras can also be set up to display the camera name in the display bar which is saved into every image and video. This should enable us to easily trace the location of any footage if it’s got mixed up, by looking up where that camera was at that time.

If you have one of our cameras, or would like to know more, please email me on and I can send you a barcode, and explain in more detail how to use the app!