Volunteer, Merryll Hills

Volunteer Merryll Hills with Conservation Manager James Tinney (NRW) & Red Squirrel Officer Becky Hulme (WTSWW)

The help of landowners and foresters is crucial to the success of the Mid Wales Red Squirrel Project (MWRSP).

We aim to establish a network of landholdings all working together to achieve red squirrel conservation through grey squirrel control and integrated habitat improvements.

Achieving a unified approach will help to form a barrier against the spread of grey squirrels and develop the environmental foundations to help red squirrels thrive and increase in number.

The MWRSP has set up a Trap Loan Scheme to help landowners in the focal area control grey squirrel numbers. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is taking action to control grey squirrels in Welsh Government owned forests and managing their woodlands to benefit red squirrels, as is UPM Tillhill, another major forest manager in the mid Wales red squirrel focal area.

Both NRW and UPM Tillhill are members of the Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership. If we all work together, we have a better chance of protecting red squirrels in mid Wales.

Funding is available for landowners living in the Mid Wales Red Squirrel Focal Area to support grey squirrel control for red squirrel conservation through Glastir, the sustainable land management scheme run by the Welsh Government. Funding is also available to help with habitat improvements which are beneficial to red squirrels.

Glastir Woodland Management offers grants to land managers to manage existing woodlands that are 0.5ha or more in a single block.
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