MWRSP Reports

Optimising Habitat Management (2017)

The Management Plan is a series of maps and text that describes the core of the Mid Wales Focal Site, and provides details of proposed forest operations that will determi…

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Red Squirrel Survey, Cwm Berwyn (2013)

[:en]Of the 19 samples from which DNA was extracted, 13 tested positive for red squirrel and of these 6 yielded DNA of sufficient quality to determine haplotype.[:]

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Forest Management Requirements (2012)

[:en]The Report provides forest management recommendations for maintaining Key Areas, maintaining and enhancing arboreal connectivity between Key Areas and for conserving…

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Mid Wales Red Squirrel Recovery Project (2010)

[:en]The aim of this project was to maintain and enhance the current population of red squirrels in the mid-Wales area through a two pronged approach of surveys to establ…

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Conservation Plan for Red Squirrels in Wales (2009)

[:en]Red squirrels are now only found at handful of sites inWales with the main populations being on Ynys Mon, in Clocaenog forest and in the complex of forests of mid-Wa…

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DNA Report (2005)

[:en]Genetic analysis of the Mid-Wales red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) population. Purpose of work: To examine mtDNA haplotype diversity in red squirrels sampled from sev…

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