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The Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership (MWRSP) is taking action to aid the survival of the red squirrel in mid Wales, to ensure that this iconic species is part of our future.

The red squirrel not only contributes to the biodiversity of mid Wales, this beautiful and much-loved animal can also play a part in the rural economy by attracting more visitors to mid Wales, helping to boost eco-tourism.

You can join our existing supporters to become a part of this important conservation project.

With your support, we can ensure we have sufficient funding to complete our target of significantly reducing the population of grey squirrels in the Mid Wales Red Squirrel Focal Area and creating the right conditions for our red squirrels to thrive.

Red squirrel by Margaret Holland

Red squirrel by Margaret Holland

Donate today to help us protect an iconic member of Wales’ native wildlife.  If you would like to consider giving a larger donation, please contact the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales at our office in Tondu on 01656 724100 and say you would like to donate to the red squirrel work.

Adopt today

You can also adopt a red squirrel with the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales; an adoption pack makes a great and meaningful gift to family, friends or loved ones.

Your adoption pack will include:

An introductory letter
A personalised adoption certificate
A fact sheet
A soft toy
Once a year (usually in autumn) you will receive a report on the adopted animal.

Every donation makes a difference – please support us today.