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A Red squirrel with a pale blonde tail is clinging to the side of a large tree, with a mossy green backdrop

Over the past decade, camera technology has improved drastically as well as becoming more affordable. This has been a lifeline for projects such as ours, as a few years ago, we relied on infrequent si…

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ITV coast and country filming

Back at the end of January this year we were joined by a team from ITVs Coast and Country. Sean Fletcher (presenter) James Harris (camera and drone operator) and Lynn Courtney (producer) met us and a…

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Squirrels don’t read the script!

Rhandirmwyn has long been a key location in the red squirrel project. Ironically, one of the first grey squirrel records in mid-Wales was in Rhandirmwyn in the 1950s. but since then, red squirrels hav…

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Preliminary Results

Of the 18 samples taken, we have only had partial results for 11 of them so far. The plan is to analyse these to a high level using microsatellite markers to look at relatedness between individuals. T…

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Trapping update

a red squirrel in a handling cone is held by someone in a high viz orange coat. they are wearing gloves and holding out its tail showing some fur is missing from the end of its tail on its left hand side.

It’s been a while since our last blog and we’ve been busy! Since getting our red squirrel handling licence last year, we have trapped at five sites, revisited one, and just set up at location 6. We ha…

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Contraceptive bait trials – our perspective.

Many of you might have seen the recent BBC news piece “Scientists design contraceptives to limit grey squirrels”. We thought we’d give you a little insight as to what we think about this trial and the…

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