Looking East

Surveying in the Irfon, the Squirrel team Mascot Pip enjoyed the day!

While much of our focus recently has been drawn to the western side of the focal site, the east is not being neglected. In early December the squirrel team took a trip across to the Irfon forest. We spent the day discussing areas where Phil has trapped in the past and where our historic records of red squirrels have come from. We’ve begun some camera trap survey work, which will be regularly monitored and ongoing over the next few months, and if greys are picked up, then we will proceed with some grey squirrel trapping. Ben and Phil have also been across on another trip to meet current, and sign up new members of our trap loan scheme in the area. We are planning more public engagement work in the Llanwrtyd Wells and Beulah areas over the next six months, so watch this space if you’re interested in this.
The plan is to both get more people involved over that side of the project, and do more work to find out which areas of forest the squirrels are using. This will help our planned trapping and tracking in the next year.