You can volunteer your time to help conserve red squirrels in mid Wales in a number of simple ways:

Local Co-ordination of the Trap Loan Scheme:

Are you willing to store trapping equipment and distribute to people in your local area?

This role is vital for the success of our Trap Loan Scheme.

The role will involve keeping the equipment safe and secure, keeping a record of equipment loaned, showing new members how to use the equipment, cleaning the traps on return and collecting trapping record sheets from Scheme Members.

Local Co-ordinator

Local Co-ordinator, Shelagh Yeomans

Feeding station Monitoring:

For some lucky people who live within the core of the focal area there may be the opportunity for the project to set up a squirrel feeding station near to where you live for you to monitor via a remote camera.

There must be suitable habitat near and accessible to where you live, and you must also be prepared to trap and dispatch any grey squirrels that might come and visit a feeding station where reds are also present. If you think that you fit the bill and are interested in monitoring a feeding station, please get in touch.

Watch video of red squirrel at feeding station

Red squirrel at monitored feeding station

Red squirrel at monitored feeding station near Llanfair Clydogau


We sometimes need volunteers to help us complete targeted spring surveys to detect squirrels in areas where it is important for us to have current knowledge.  For instance, we may wish to detect whether red squirrels have re-colonised areas once the project has carried out targeted grey squirrel control activity.

Survey information is essential for building a record of the project’s success.

A successful result could motivate more people to get involved with the project and encourage them to maintain their red squirrel conservation activities over the long term. With accurate information we can also target our work more closely and ensure we are putting our resources in areas where red squirrels need support most.

red squirrel survey

Huw Denman & Don MacPherson during red squirrel survey


You can help the project by displaying event posters, translating publicity materials and spreading the word about up and coming events.

For those of you who enjoy the public sphere, you can help with event organisation, with talk delivery, or with red squirrel conservation activities in the wider community.

Contact the WTSWW Red Squirrel Project Officer with volunteering requests and offers, or complete our on-line questionnaire to tell us about yourself and what you can offer.