ITV coast and country filming

Back at the end of January this year we were joined by a team from ITVs Coast and Country. Sean Fletcher (presenter) James Harris (camera and drone operator) and Lynn Courtney (producer) met us and a few of our volunteers in Llanfair Clydogau for the short journey up into Clywedog forest. After some interesting conversations about the project, we showed them how we survey for red squirrels, and Sean quickly picked up the knack and before long was finding squirrel chewed cones wherever we went!

a Selfie taken by Sarah, a blond white woman, with 7 people and one dog behind her in the mossy forest

The crew of Coast and Country with the Red Squirrel Team and a couple of our volunteers.

The piece was broadcast on the 1st of April, sandwiched in a show between the wonderful Lluest horse and pony trust, and a piece about the tunnels remaining of a former World War II site.

If you’d like to catch up on the show, you can watch it here: