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The Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership (MWRSP) was established in 2002.

The Partnership aims to expand and protect the unique population of red squirrels in mid Wales; one of only three significant red squirrel populations in the whole of Wales.

The MWRS Partnership has worked to establish sound baseline information about the red squirrel population in mid Wales, leading to the development of a robust understanding of the work required to conserve the red squirrel in mid Wales.

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel, Margaret Holland

The partners are:

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and other private forest managers

Conservation efforts include:

  • establishing a buffer area around red squirrel strongholds with control of grey squirrels
  • ongoing monitoring of the red squirrel population
  • advising landowners on habitat improvements for red squirrels
  • involving local schools and communities
  • using forest planning to maximise the value of forests for red squirrels.

The grey squirrel has been identified as one of the main threats to the red squirrels’ future survival; a threat which can only be mitigated with sustained local action.

Red squirrel at monitored feeding station near Llanfair