A Giant Leap for Red Squirrels

Mike Cunningham, Skydive Swansea

On Saturday 13th July, Mike Cunningham hurled himself out of a plane above the Gower to raise funds for the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.  The funds raised will go towards supporting the valuable work of the Mid Wales Red Squirrel Project.

Michael was overcome by the experience; “Have you ever sat on a cloud? I did that day! We flew through the air at 120 mph (free fall), the tandem skydiver launched us out at 12,000 ft. we flew around and DOWN, as the parachute opened we glided quite speedily through the clouds, it felt like nothing I have ever experienced.   As we saw the land charging towards us he let me take the reins, and we twirled left and right.   It was a beautiful day!   Thank you so much to all who have donated”

You can view the video of Mike’s epic fall here  Mike has raised over £600 so far but there is still time to donate to this worthy cause