Project Support from Gwe Cambrian Web

Red Squirrel Officer Becky Hulme and volunteer Keith Goodhead with the donated trail camera.

The Mid Wales Red Squirrel Project has been busy tracking red squirrels in the Focal Site in mid Wales.  As well as many volunteers on the ground, we also require lots of trail cameras to record and monitor red squirrel activity.   The Project was therefore very pleased to receive a donation of a trail camera from the Aberystwyth-based bilingual website designers and digital marketing company Gwe Cambrian Web.   

Company Director Kerry Ferguson first became aware of the Project and the  when her friend Kathy, who works for Aden Productions, got involved in filming Project survey volunteers as part of a wildlife documentary series.   As a local wildlife enthusiast, Kerry was delighted to be able to offer practical support for the Project.  “Red squirrels are just amazing aren’t they?  It’s intriguing to know that they are hidden away in the mid Wales forests, just a short distance from Aberystwyth. Once I found out about the work that The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales are doing to help save the red squirrel in mid Wales, I was keen to offer assistance.”

As well as the camera donation, Gwe Cambrian Web are also providing the Red Squirrel Project with much-needed social media advice and support.