Felling is continuing in Clywedog; an activity many of us have been concerned about. As one of our best monitored resident populations, we had high hopes to learn a lot from the resident red squirrels in the Clywedog.
The felling is nearing the end, but might be delayed further by the current pandemic. The nearby dreys have been protected and so we have no reason to worry that any red squirrels have been directly harmed by the felling. We are continuing to monitor our regular camera locations, and have begun grey control trapping in response to greys turning up on our cameras. There has, so far, been a reduction in red squirrel records on our cameras, however this isn’t too surprising considering the amount of disturbance in the woods.

a Red squirrel captured in Clywedog at the end of March.

Thankfully the main area where we have had historic red squirrel activity is bordering on to other mature coupes, so any red squirrels disturbed by the felling will have space to move into.
We will set up cameras across a wider area and hopefully we can catch up with our regulars.