Red Squirrels in Your Gardens!

a red squirrel is perched in a tree, it's huddled up and you can see snow in the tree

The red squirrel in Jan Crabbs garden

While much of our red squirrel survey work has been restricted by the pandemic lockdowns, we are thrilled to have multiple records of red squirrels being seen in gardens in mid-Wales. Rhandirmwyn, being one of the few villages in the core of the red squirrel focal site, has long been one of the best placed for garden red squirrel spotting, along with those lucky enough to live in the hills right in the middle! But recently we’re excited to have had multiple records of red squirrels coming in from gardens in Cellan, Llanddewi Brefi and Tregaron too.

Just before Christmas, Jan Crabb, who lives in Llanddewi Brefi was on the phone chatting to her daughter when she caught sight of the tail of a squirrel running across the lawn. “The tail looked a bit red and I thought that a grey squirrel has somehow managed a bit of russet on it” she said. (A fair assumption, as grey squirrels can have red in them, and vice versa! Very confusing! You can learn more about the differences between the species here) Jan continued, “About two weeks later I saw the squirrel from a bedroom window busy digging things up. I had time to get some binoculars and amazing! It was definitely a red squirrel.” By the time Jan told her husband the squirrel had gone, but lucky they decided to set up a camera on a tripod in the bedroom; in case it came back. “Luckily, the next day, in passing, we saw it back on the lawn!” Jan sent us these photos that her husband took, and these were very clear, even without a zoom lens on the camera!  

a red squirrel is sitting on the snowwy ground

Photo: Jan Crabb


Meanwhile just to the east of Tregaron, Lee Cox was having similar experience. In early winter, several records have come in of red squirrels from between Cwm Berwyn and Tregaron village, including a couple of very interesting records from the car park at Cors Fochno! Lee and some of her neighbours had all thought they had seen reds, but it was only over Christmas that Lee and her husband were able to confirm this with good views and some photos which they sent to us. We are now in contact with most of the residents of the lane and are working with them to monitor and protect the red squirrels. We have assisted with grey squirrel control, and we hope to trap their red neighbour soon, to learn more about it’s heritage!

We’re working towards a future for red squirrels, and their presence in all of your gardens! Keep your eyes out, and please report your sightings to us here, or by emailing Thank you!

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  1. Donna Hazard

    What lovely news for Wales
    We here in Northumberland Pontelsnd have reds and I have them in my garden all the time
    Unfortunately ; road kills this year
    I personally am moving to Hexham with an ancient woodland as part of our property which we hope to inhabit with red squirrels once grey control is carried out
    Keep in touch

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